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    Ich habe damals alles ge
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    Das ist tatsächlich in d
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    Schön von dir zu lesen,
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    Ich schreibe im Moment j
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    Das Problem ist halt, da

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Letter to Jerk, more than enough

Dear Jerk,


It hurts, not being able to talk to you. I know that I need it, to become emotionally independend. Maybe that´s also why it hurts sou damn much. And I hate that we can´t even talk half a day, without you doing something that hurts me. I don´t know you anymore. Or understand you. Which hurts sou much bc once you were my best friend and I knew and understood you. It was amazing to talk to you and we never had issues. But yes, afer all thet time and shit that happend, I can understand why you´ve changed. That´s why I wanna help you, so badly. But that doesn´t mean that I don´t get hurt or upset by the things you say or do. It hurt so deeply. An intense pain. And I just hope that it will pass, like it always does with pain. But I just wanted to tell you, that it hurts. And was wondering if it hurts you too? Even if it´s just a little bit...Do you feel the pain too? I don´t know why, but it would help me in a way. Knowing I am not alone with it. But in the edn we are all kinda alone aren´t we? So I´ll just keep fighting, keep going, bc I´ve got me and myself and that´s enough. Bc I am strong. Bc I am my own best friend. Bc I care about me when no one does. Bc I matter and am important,good, creative, smart, kind and so much more, no matter what others say. I´ve got me and that´s more than enough.

Your (ex-best) friend,


19.2.20 17:23
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