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Primink <3

Dear Primink, 

I know you dont know who I am and you probably dont care but i will still tell you. 

I dont know why but i really like you. I like your voice ist so calming and relaxing. I feel at peace and like everything will be alright. I watch your videos bc of you. Of your voice, your personality. You are so wholesome and honest and down to earth. I reall like that. You just seem like a great person. And for some reason I feel connected to you. I know it sounds stupid...maybe i am just lonley and looking for a friend. Just another thing i can fill the empty whole inside of me. But i also feel like, i would love to have you as a friend. I havent felt connected to many in my life, one is gone, the other is my boyfriend and the last one my best friend but he isnt really good at idk being a friend or calming me down or whatever. So yeah. And you just helped me. You spark a light inside of me, calm me down, make me laugh. Your personality is just amazing and so wholesome. I even commented on your videos which I usually never do. Like literally never! So I had a lot of  idk i wouldnt say crushes but people i really liked and was fascinated by. Characters, people in real life, actors, youtubers. But I always liked them, sometimes even talked to them in my head whoch probably sounds really crazy, but  i never acted on it. I always was happy watching them from far apart. But with you ist different. I dont know why. But always when i hear your voice again i light up like a lamp...I just feel sou good and calm. And that even tho I am depressed and havent felt anything in over a year. Thats why you mean so much to me. And sometimes when you say you havent been feeling well or are sad, then I just wanna be there for you, wanna be a friend, wanna help you. I wish I could do that. You are just a wonderful person and i know that people tell you that everyday but i just hope that you one day can see it yourself. I just wish it so much, bc you are the most amazing and wholesome person i ve ever seen. I really really like you and wish we could be friends. I even thought about going to patreon so i could like to you but i would feel weird buying a friend. Plus i dont even have the money atm. You really mean alot to me which is crazy bc i barley know you and you dont even know i exist and probably dont even care. I dont know whats wrong with me why i am that odd and weird atm. Maybe i just need someone so despretly. Somneone I can be close to and talk to. Yes i have my bf but he is busy and has his own issues. My best friend is good to talk to but still dont a really good friend in total. And i dont have anyone else i feel connected to. Well i once had a friend, the first freind actually i felt connected to but i dont have him anymore. So yeah...I just hope that this phases passes and i learn to fill my inner emptyness with things i enjoy and can help myself and be good enough for myself. But till then i ll have you as my anchort bc you do help me so so much. 

You have all my support and love you amazing wholesome person. 

Thank you, you really are amazing. Just like your beautiful voice and your giggles and just everything...If I wouldnt have my bf i probably would have a hardcore crush on you. And I dont care if you are gay or your voice sound like it. You are wonderful as you are and your voice is beautiful.  

In love, a unkown girl that kinda put herself out there bc you mean alot to her, but that now will vanish again bc ist better like that. 

I adore you and your voice. 

Love you always, Em xx

12.3.20 21:39
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